Texture as artistic expression

By using  texture as aesthetic tool you can emphasize a form, strengthen the intensity of  color, creating depth, work with light and shadow effects. The expression of the texture can take different forms through the direction, movement, contrast, rhythm, color etc.

Antoni Tapiès is a Spanish artist. His paintings is one of the reasons for my interest in texture as a artistic expression and phenomena.

Texture was also very important for the impressionists when they developed a new way to express them selves in paintings. Claude Monet was one of the leading artist in this  movement. You can se more of his paintings at the gallery on Wikipedia

Artists, architects, designers are professions working  with texture issues. I also mean that teachers should be aware of the texture and how it affects us. For young children experiences of texture is an important source of experience and  learning through the body’s approach to the surfaces . Young children often put objects in the mouth to experience the texture more intensely.  My opinion is that teachers working with children should be aware of the quality  and possibilities inherent in learning through experience with texture.

This painting is made by may daughter when she was 2 years old. The texture is visible in the paint strokes and consistency of the paint.

ibens bilde