Latinakurs: Dag 4 Wikipedia

For this task I will study three terms in Wikipedia to see if they are ok to use in my teaching.

Term 1: Aesthetics .

The article is interesting.  It contains different perspectives in the understanding of the term aesthetics. Important perspectives are: Aesthetic in a historical context. Modern and post modern aesthetics.  Aesthetic judgement.

There are also links to important philosophers who have contributed to the development of aesthetic theory. The article also has references to art and art theory.

To read this article can be a great way to get started with examining the theme aesthetics.

Term 2: Art

Term 3: Children’s culture

Not much on this term. I search up the term “Barnekultur” in the Norwegian Wikipedia. What I found was not useful for my  purpose. The term is not updated and I disagree with the artical content. Her I may contribute.


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  1. Tilbaketråkk: PL 17/09: Understanding Wikipedia « Plinius

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